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​Sponsors opportunities / 赞助机遇
You contribution directly supports our festival, exhibitions and education programs, making them accessible to the widest possible audience. Sponsorship of March Art's program or exhibition can help us develop important new artworks and offer significant visibility and recognition opportunities for your company. 

For individuals or corporate patrons offering significant support, we can offer a bespoke package of benefits. If you would like to discuss your donation or the benefits we can offer, please contact at




N-Minutes Video Art Festival N分钟影像艺术节

N-Minutes Video Art Festival is a public art project, which aims to promote video art among the wide audience and urban spaces. N-Minutes was founded in 2011, and it is held every year during September to October in Shanghai. With various art activities including screening, mapping, audio-visual performance, exhibition and lecture, N- Minutes weaves video arts into urban life and interacts with the audience, enabling a new possibility of public art.


As the first and unique video art festival in China, N-Minutes program involves new media and audio-visual art, directed by independent curator Li Ningchun, which diffuse Chinese video art in an international platform, and welcomes the public art project into a field without borders.






Exhibitions 展览

March Art present special exhibitions per year at a range of heavily trafficked sites in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Geneva, Madrid, Paris and other cities in the world.


Les Rencontres de Sino-Suisse 中瑞艺术交流项目

« Les Rencontres de Sino-Suisse », un projet qui s’inscrit dans le long terme, a pour vocation de créer des échanges entre les professionnels de l’art en Suisse et en Chine par le biais de diverses manifestations comme des expositions, des conférences et des événements culturels. 




 Lecture series in museums 美术馆讲座系列

Education sponsors can support a dynamic range of programs in museums and art space。