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Projects 项目 | Festival 艺术节

 N-Minutes Video Art Festival |  5th edition  | 2015.09.11-10.18 | Shanghai

N-Minutes Video Art Festival is a public art project, which aims to promote video art among the big public and urban spaces. The purpose is neither political nor purely for entertainment, but is to enable a platform for video art. And to catch the attention of a broader public area towards video art that represents a variety of aesthetics, concepts, experiments, philosophies and crossovers.

第五届N分钟影像艺术节 |  2015.09.11-10.18 |  上海


Highlights: annual, interactive, video art, urban spaces



N-Minutes was founded in 2011. It is held every year from September to October in Shanghai. With various art activities including Screening, Mapping, Performances, Exhibition and Forum, N- Minutes weaves video arts into urban life and interacts with the public, enabling a new possibility of public art.


International tour  国际巡回


N-Minutes presents very important video collection from emerging and established abroad artists, we are honored to be invited by most important international media and video festivals, such as European media art festival, Madatac in Span, and VG in Brazil. Recently, N-Minutes will present our Chinese video art collection in 4 international cities since 2013.


Review 2011-2012  数据回顾2011-2012


​3 exhibitions in public space    3个公共艺术展览  

video screen on the night    2个户外夜场投影项目    5 lectures     5场讲座  

28790 minutes of video screen in     28790分钟影像放映
54 Chinese artists    54位中国艺术家 

49 abroad artists    49位国际艺术家   141 video works 141部影像作品

110 000 wide audiences    11万观众人次

86 press reports    86份媒体报导

4 international festival partners     4个国际艺术节巡回

12 sponsors     12家赞助商
5  international art organizations    5家国际艺术机构支持

Sponsorship of a festival program can help us realize important art works and offer significant visibility and recognition opportunities for your company. Benefit packages can be customized to meet your strategic business goals and can include logo credit on festival materials, opportunities to create marketing promotions, private tours, VIP events, etc. 以赞助方式参与N分钟影像艺术节,支持我们实现重要的艺术项目,能够为您的品牌或公司带来强有力的曝光机遇。依据品牌特性、商业策略而定制专属于您的“N分钟影像艺术节”公关、宣传、推广计划,合作方式包括:创意性品牌介入推广方案、高级定制艺术导览、VIP活动、冠名项目等等。

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